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Together, We Create Our
Financial Security

Together, We Create Our Financial Security 

RichMax Group is a financial services company that offers a variety of financial services to help people increase their income and secure their financial future. We contribute to the creation of value for a wide range of stakeholders including customers, employees, and society at large. We focus on the long-term, steady progress to provide wealth to Kerala and the rest of the country via hard work, industriousness, growth of the business using innovative ideas, entrepreneurship, and enterprise. We collaborate as a team to deliver diverse financial strategic goals. 

As we fulfil our clients' interests, trust is ingrained in us. In all our interactions and transactions, our organization maintains complete openness. Our whole effort is focused on helping our customers achieve their financial goals.

about us

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

At Richmax Group, we aspire to serve our customers best interest by providing the greatest financial services and guidance to meet their short-term and long-term financial and investment needs. 

Our Mission:  

Our mission is to become the most trusted and reputable brand in Kerala and beyond, providing dependable financial services to our consumers by providing financial independence via regular deposits and empowering them to realize their goals through the best loans. Our aim is to inculcate in customers a habit of investing and saving by leveraging our combined financial strength to increase incomes, grow wealth, and create long-term value through the correct combination of the most appropriate investment products.

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Our Achievements

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We have stood the test of time, committed to supporting you equally, in all times of prosperity and uncertainty. Richmax Group believes in the power of clarity and consistency in all we do.

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