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With the addition and assimilation of cutting-edge technologies, the Richmax Group is transitioning to the next generation of services. This transaction will feature a deeper understanding of our customers' financial demands for housing and business, as well as in financial emergencies or other circumstances.

      At Richmax Group, we see ourselves as a financial institution that has evolved from the goal of creating money's value to one that is more focused on the requirements of its consumers. While we continue to attract and accept deposits with attractive rates of earned interest, we have developed a structure that allows us to go beyond traditional financial bounds and create new value. With superior financial and non-financial products and services, we are now stronger. 

         While the COVID-19 era was difficult, our reinvigorated efforts are beginning to bear results. We've been able to stay relevant to our clients; thanks to structural reforms and new methods. We are an organization where individuals are encouraged to achieve at their highest levels and deliver exceptional outcomes. Richmax Group has always been a caring and family-oriented group of people that encourages our employees to take positive and proactive actions. We continue to assist businesses, sectors and individuals with their financial needs. We also assist them in a variety of ways, including gold loans and property loans. Our goal is to ensure everyone's success and happiness.


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We have stood the test of time, committed to supporting you equally, in all times of prosperity and uncertainty. Richmax Group believes in the power of clarity and consistency in all we do.

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