RichMax Group is a financial services company that offers a variety of financial services to help people increase their income and secure their financial future. We contribute to the creation of value for a wide range of stakeholders including customers, employees, and society at large. We focus on the long-term, steady progress to provide wealth to Kerala and the rest of the country via hard work, industriousness, growth of the business using innovative ideas, entrepreneurship, and enterprise. We collaborate as a team to deliver diverse financial strategic goals. As we fulfil our clients' interests, trust is ingrained in us. In all our interactions and transactions, our organization maintains complete openness. Our whole effort is focused on helping our customers achieve their financial goals.

The customer is entitled to receive back the gold pledged after the loan amount with complete interest has been paid. If a customer fails to repay the amount within the due date, RichMax Group might decide to auction off gold to recover the dues. However, the customer will be given ample intimations before such a decision will be taken.

RichMax Group Gold loan service has many products specially designed to cater to customer's varied requirements. RichMax Group is the only company that has a gold loan product with the lowest interest rate of 9% in the industry.

The salient features of our Gold Loan service are as follows:

  • Hassle free documentation and instant cash in just minutes
  • Repayment in any of our wide network of branches
  • Appropriate reminders about your repayment dates
  • Options to repay the loan on an installment basis
  • No Gold evaluation charge


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We have stood the test of time, committed to supporting you equally, in all times of prosperity and uncertainty. Richmax Group believes in the power of clarity and consistency in all we do.

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